Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laduree on my mind

Someday, I will go to Paris to find you...

You make my heart sing, skip and hurt at the same time
You are so beautiful, I'm about to lose my mind

Everything you are is everything I'm looking for...

Something tells me we were meant to be together and I will never be complete until we finally find each other.

I love you Laduree and everything God made you to be.
Love always,


Erica Leigh said...

i HATE myself for not finding these in paris when i went. our schedule was super busy and we didn't have much free time.

they had a macaron place like bottega louie's when i went to san fran last week! but we got there too late and they were closed.



Chickything said...

Yes! you should have at least taken a pic when you were in paris!Oh well, there's always next time!

Alely L. said...

hummm...i've never heard of these before. maybe it's because i've never been to paris! lol!