Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mad tea party at Royal-T

We love Royal-T! On May 6, we went to the Jared Gold petite fashion show and to check out their Alice high tea!

Here it is! They don't look as big as they appear on this picture. They are very tiny but very yummy.
For $25 per person, you get
1 kobe slider
2 cheshire cat macarons
1 green tea flan
1 mushroom meringue
1 mini eat me cupcake
4 tea sandwiches
2 california rolls
and your choice of tea
I got Jasmine blossom

The Jared Gold petite fashion show was awesome. The kids were adorable and the clothes were fantastico!
We love taking pictures at Royal-T
Eat me cupcakes,$4 each. Too pretty to eat!
The Alice high tea is available the whole month of March! So check it out!


Erica Leigh said...

what a cool event to attend! jared gold's an amazing designer and has some really eclectic stuff.

looks like a lot of fun, and those cupcakes and macarons look delicious!


Chickything said...

I love Jared Gold and he is such a humble and hardworking guy! He inspires me so much!