Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pretty Thursday

I love whimsical weddings! Why do a traditional one if you can be so much more creative? Here are a few of my favorites.

owl wedding image found here
owl wedding cake image found here

pretty cupcake tower image found here

mustache lollipops image found here

What kind of theme do you want for your wedding?


PetSugar said...

oh my gosh! thanks for putting up my link! i always felt we should do a link exchange but your page was void of any so i didn't ask lol! let me put yours up right away :)

oh and did you click to see all the other moe-chan goods? aren't they temptinggggg. i hope you take a thousand pics of those marshmallows and make sure to order right away since its being shipped from japan

PetSugar said...

oh i can't find your link! should i link your shop or your blog? and let me know where to find your icon or email it to me at :)

Chickything said...

Hii!!Yay!I'll email you the image later (please link the blog)! Thanks! And yeah I love those marshmallows! but is the shipping too high? I was thinking Little Tokyo in downtown might have some. Oh I hope they do!

PetSugar said...

ok! i'll be happy to link your blog :) you know i don't remember the shipping costs, i do remember one of the options was pretty reasonable. whenever i buy from them i tend to go nuts and make the shipping cost worth it lol