Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I should mention that we just moved a few months ago. Well, I should say 'expanded'. We used to live in a one bedroom space (yes, and we are a 6 member family!) in the front part of the house and my uncle and his family lived at the back part. ('eh, It's an Asian thing) They moved out recently and we opened the door that separates the two spaces and now we have 7 bedrooms! A music room,3 bedrooms,2 offices and baby's room. Plus 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen to furnish and decorate. And I usually do the painting etc. We have a long way to go but it's quite fun.

The first room that I've finished was the twin's bedroom. And it was on Ohdeedoh's small space, big style contest. Unfortunately, I only got a few votes, the site did not inform me that It was up so I was not able to tell my friends and family about it :(

But being included in one of my favorite websites to visit was very exciting.
You can see more photos here

We try not to buy new furniture. We love old things or things that we can repaint or rework. We surround ourselves with our favorite things. It's so much fun and satisfying to live in a house that is painted with our favorite colors, filled with art and other beautiful things we so love.

Some people may not like it but it's okay as long as we do then it's the best place we can ever be in.

More photos will be posted soon.

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