Thursday, December 10, 2009

My wonderland

I love that I have a space that it's truly mine. It's quite a mess and I really don't mind. I love everything here, though just like me, it is constantly evolving. I want to paint the walls, I just haven't figured out what color yet (any suggestions?)

Here are some vintage buttons in jars. And my vintage, rare, Alice in wonderland and Through the looking glass book collection.

I love that my walls are filled with art. I want more actually. I want to purchase a Kurt Halsey next.

Here is a painting that I made. I love her.

I collect many things. Just like these vintage threads.

I made the bunting out of yellow fabric. I really love how it adds some whimsy to my studio. I made the curtains but It's only there temporarily. I will eventually change it.

I just love this. It's vintage. And Juliet is pregnant. Apparently, some say that Juliet was pregnant when she killed himself in the Shakespeare play. Hmmm, makes you think 'eh?

I got this salvaged window art at the flea. I am thinking of hanging it on our bedroom wall as a headboard but I'm still thinking about it because I love it here too. It's pretty huge and it just makes a great impact in any room.

I love my fake cuckoo clock. And I love the color.
I will post more photos soon. Right now, I have a mini pink Christmas tree in my studio and I just adore it!

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