Monday, December 7, 2009

Unique Los Angeles part one

My family and I went to 'Unique L.A.' and we loved it! It was quite overwhelming though. There were just too may good stuff!

v is for violet

I wish there were arrows on the floor or aisle numbers or some sort of markings so we know that we've been that way. Or they should have grouped the kid stuff together or the clothes together. It was like a very confusing maze. They gave us coupons for free drinks but we couldn't find the booth!!! There was an information booth but there was no one there, only a sign that said 'be back in 10' but I kept checking it way beyond 10 minutes but there was still nobody there.

We enjoyed it but we could have enjoyed it more if there was some better organization of the event.

We bought:
Kiefer from Kauzbots (see post below)
shirts from RIOT
shirts from Hakaa apparel
a bow ring from Braskie

( If you see your work,please let me know so I can properly credit you)

More photos coming soon!

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