Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Mister Shopper.

We just adore this little grocery cart that I bought last December. Every time we bring it and he pushes his little cart in the store, everyone stops to say how cute he is and his mini cart. He gets tired of it easily though and I end up putting it in my cart but we still love it.

I am not allowed to put anything in his cart. He only wants his stuffed dolls in it and whatever he gets from the shelves which I put back when he's not looking. What is he going to do with boxes and boxes of sugar anyway?

This cart is from Melissa & Doug (I love their toys!) and is still available in their site.


Natasha said...

That is adorable! And I love his Spongebob trousers too, very cute. xxx

Chickything said...

Thanks Natasha!