Friday, April 15, 2011

Absinthe, anyone?

We dropped by at a thrift store today after having lunch at Round Table Pizza and I found something that I have been quite fond of for quite sometime now but never saw it around. I was surprised to find one today.

I saw one at an Alice in Wonderland party that I went to which I blogged about here

They used it for cold water to sweeten the absinthe.

Doesn't it look magical?
Well, I found something similar today. Made of crystal and instead of a tiny faucet like above, this one has a pump.

for only $10.00 plus $1 discount because the owner was so nice so, $9.
and this super old tin container.
I'm still undecided if I should use it as a vase or use it as a container for a homemade candle. What do you think?
$2.50 + 50cents discount. I love it.

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