Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 already?

My twin daughters are turning 15 on the 29th. Fifteen! I kept telling myself that as if I'm expecting to snap out of a dream each time I say it but no, this is real.

I still remind them to do their chores, every single day. They still do not walk the dog like they are supposed to. I still have to beg them to wash their dishes. They still whine when I ask them to cook rice for dinner and dirty clothes are still on their bed every single day. We still argue over the same little things as we did five years ago.They still are like little girls to me and thank God that they do still act like little girls and not running around with boys like some 15 year olds in the world.. Oh my, you would not want to know what kind of 15 year old I was. But anyways, I have only a few weeks to plan their birthday. We had an Alice In Wonderland party last year and this time, we are planning to have a brunch party. I'm thinking pancakes, cereal bar station, pretty sandwiches, well you get the idea. The girls are excited. And me? I hope I pull it off and have fun while doing it.

Inspiration collage made by myself, sources of photos: we heart it
 Of course, I will update you every step of the way until the special day.

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