Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starbucks is after your big bucks...

The last Starbucks gift card is spent. So I have no more excuse to visit our neighborhood Starbucks. Prior to the gift cards, I was not really a fan of buying expensive coffee. I was perfectly fine with my southern American coffee beans, freshly grounded prior to french pressing then I pour some creme brulee coffee creamer. The best coffee for almost nothing.

The red velvet whoopie pie was pretty, I fell for it, yet again. The price for this cookie could have bought me a whole box of apple turnovers that was on sale at the pastry section of our local grocery. This Starbucks was located inside that grocery. So I was standing there looking at the red velvet cookie and on my right, a whole display of fruit turnovers. Since I could not spend my gift card on the turnover, I had no choice.

Oh my, I was so lucky I didn't have to spend real cash on it (like I did with the cake pops). It was very bland but I guess that was because of the uber sweet, uber spicy chai I was drinking prior to eating it. It was so tiny too.What is up with Starbucks and their miniature pastry fascination? Most of their pastries are so tiny that it's perfect for a little girl's tea party. 
 If that little girl was Suri Cruise!
I am fine with my homemade creme brulee coffee indulgence in my super pretty vintage cups. 

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aiz kim said...

i love the title....that is so true!