Friday, March 25, 2011

Biker Girl

I have a prediction. Soon there would be more bikes in the streets than cars. Isn't it more practical? For the environment, financially and health-wise? The sky-high prices of gas is no joke. My mom is thinking of returning her Rav 4 (no more furniture shopping, sniff) and would take the bus to and from work for a whole season and would get a car when the gas prices go down a bit. It does make sense. My mister works from home now (sorry I didn't mention that before) so he isn't really affected by the high price of gas and we rarely go out now so getting a bigger car which we initially planned isn't really necessary.

My mister got a hand me down, almost brand new beach cruiser from our good friend who moved to NZ and as he cruises around our neighborhood, I am left on the side of the street to watch him drive by.

I don't have one. It would have been great if I could use his. I do know how to bike but his bike is so big that I would need a step stool to be able to sit on it (I'm really short, you know) and when I finally get to sit on it, my feet does not touch the floor so it's hard to control the bike. So I am thinking of getting my own, actually I've been wanting one for sooo long now. But now, I can't decide which one to get.

 I found this website with really cool bikes and an affordable price to match. Free shipping and no tax too. Here are some of my favorites.

only $154.99
Though I like the two bikes above, a folding bike seems more practical because it would be easier to store in the house but I think I have to see it in person and see if it's easy to ride and fold. It is also more expensive than the two bikes above.
Do you have a bike? What do you use? Do you like it? Do you recommend it?


aiz kim said...

i agree....the price of gas is ridiculously expensive. H had always nudged me reg the idea of using bikes instead. That would be nice except perhaps on the terrains of would be like biking for dear!

Hope you had a great day!

Chickything said...

I don't think I can bike in Baguio except for Burnham Park lol.

I remember I once saw someone on a unicycle in Quezon Hill so I guess biking in two wheels will be much easier than that, hehe.

Anonymous said...

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