Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cake pops, once you pop, you can't stop.

If only they weren't $1.50 each.
Starbucks jumped on the bandwagon and is now offering Cake Pops on their menu. I tried the pink one, I think the flavor was birthday cake, it was good but for someone who can make one, I don't think I'd shell out another precious $1.50 for another cake pop. Cake pops in my opinion should be sold in threes, one piece is just not worth the price.

Gone in 3 seconds

The new logo, I don't know if I like it. Do you?
But nevertheless, I am still loving the drinks like I never did before. Starbucks is my quiet place now when I want to get away for a few minutes. And I always feel recharged right after, ready to tackle a hectic day ahead.


Natasha said...

The cake pops look yummy, but you're right selling them in 3's makes more sense if they're that small etc. I've never seen one being sold in the UK so far...I'll have to make some with my Mum :) And I didn't know Starbucks changed their logo...I don't think it looks too bad but I'm not a coffee drinker so I rarely find myself in Starbucks. xxx

SugarberrySensations said...

I could not agree more on two points - I do not like the new logo.

And $1.50 for those cake pops is ridiculous! I bought one while going through the drive thru without having seen them and was shock when I saw how small they were!


Rachelle said...

I had one last Saturday, and it was chocolate inside. It didn't even taste like cake, it was more like a pudding or something. But it's cheaper here (35 or 45 bucks).

I didn't like it. Haha.

Chickything said...

Rachelle, That's almost a dollar each right? Still expensive!

Chickything said...

Regarding the logo, it baffles me why they had to do it and spend money for something so unnecessary.