Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Gifts

Here are some of the gifts I got this Christmas. Most of them are from my sister who was visiting from Canada.

Here are some super special ones that I want to share with you.

#1 pretty fur vintage style jacket from Forever 21 (from my sister)

I wore it on New Year's Eve. I love the vintage look.

#2 This insect ring from my sister (again)

#3 This tiny journal from my youngest daughter. She always surprises me with gifts on Christmas. Last year she gave me a heart necklace and this year, after everyone was done unwrapping presents, she came to my room with a huge gift bag! Inside it, was a big make up set (why a make up set because I always get upset when they get my eyeliner!) and this pretty journal. She said she bought them at a museum field trip's gift shop, from the money she got selling things she made to friends from school. How clever! Like mama, like daughter!

#4 Betsey Johnson watch from my sister (yet again)
and who doesn't love anything Betsey makes?
 #5 This Kurt Cobain Book from my Mister. Why is it so special, you may wonder. Well, first of, my mister is not a gift giving person. He gives us a lot of things but not on special occasions. I never understood why but I eventually got used to it. My mom would always tell me not to feel bad because he makes every day my birthday by giving us so much. So after every Valentine's Day, every Anniversary and every Christmas that passed without getting anything special, I finally accepted that it is how he is. This Christmas was different. After everyone settled down and were cleaning up, my daughter handed me a badly wrapped present. I was expecting a handmade gift from school as my daughter gives me that every year. Not that I don't enjoy it but it was expected.

There was a card and on it was a handwritten note from all my kids, a doodle from my 3 year old son and a paw print from the dog. So funny but tried my best to hold back my tears. The card was enough but there was still a gift to open.
And it was this book...
Why is it so special? Well, it's a well thought of present. It's not like a shirt or an expensive purse. It is something which shows that my mister knows me too well (sniff). I have always loved Kurt Cobain, just a little more than Jim Morrison or even Jared Leto of 30 seconds to Mars. But this book shows that he spent time looking for something that I would really, really love. And this is not an ordinary book, it has a cd of his journals, read by him and a lot of inserts like this...
He made up a story of finding this gift with the kids, one day that I was out. But I asked one of my daughters and asked where and how they bought it and she said "we didn't go with him, he came to our room and asked us to sign the card". That was when I realized that my too tough to be mushy mister has a romantic heart after all and that he does love me. And that is why, this gift is so special to me.

What did you get that was so special and why? I would love to hear it.

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