Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Gift Tutorial

I have been using this simple design for my gifts and packages for quite a few years now. I'm sure you'll find it very easy to make.

Materials you will need:
1. Bingo stampers/markers in whatever color you may like. I used green and pink(you'll find them in CVS, Michael's, Target, Walmart or even your neighborhood grocery chain)
2. Pretty trims and strings
3. Kraft paper for gift wrapper
or kraft box like what I used here

oh and don't forget the gift that would go inside!
1.Gather Materials
2. Stamp on your first color choice.
3. Stamp on your second color choice.
4. Until you achieve this look then let it dry.
5. Put your gift in the box with pretty tissue paper.
5. Close the box and tie a beautiful trim around it. That's it!
So simple right?
{If you want the trim used above and other pretty strings and trims. You can get them in my supply shop.}

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