Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cottage

I am finally done decorating outside our home. It kind of reminds me of Hansel and Gretel's house. I wanted to put more but I stopped myself.

I used fake snow but I don't know if it turned out looking like snow. My kids came home from school and said "Mom, why did you spray paint our windows?"
Here's the garland I made. I think it turned out so pretty. What do you think?
I did red and green for our outside decors and pretty pinks and purples inside. I wanted red and green so it would look more like Christmas and not a girl's birthday party. Can you imagine if all these were in pink?
So festive right?
I also installed these little cute plastic white fence. I should buy more to surround the front of the house.
Total cost for all the decors you see:
approx. $13.00

Tinsel garland -$2 for 2 colored tinsels. The bead strings I used were from my own supplies.
Red bow-$.99 cents from the 99cents store.
Wooden candy canes-$4.00 for four from the 99cents store.
$2-white fencing, a dollar each for 5 panels.
$3.99- for a bottle of fake snow.
The Happiness it gave my kids... PRICELESS.

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