Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday in pictures

Our Saturday was filled with family and good food. We went to Chinatown to attend a Baptism and birthday celebration. Our table did not have enough space for all the food that kept coming. Everything was awesome of course. I don't think sucky food exist in Chinatown, some are just better than some. You can't beat the Chinese when it comes to satisfying one's tummy. Oh and nothing beats free food!

Here are some photos I took using my phone's camera.
It's my name! What are the odds?

Hat: Target, $8.99  Shirt: H&M $18.99, Smile: priceless
He loves this hat so much.
My arm looks funny for trying to take a photo of myself. I, too look funny in this photo but I posted it anyway.

Then after Chitown, we went to the library.

River reading a book by himself

And that's our Saturday in pictures.
See you tomorrow.

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Miki's scrapbook said...

Lovely pictures! I like the ones with your family :).

Nice blog!

Have a nice week!