Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was awesome. I think I'm still stuffed today from all the things I ate from the weekend.
Here are some snapshots from Sunday.

We attended my nephew's christening at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church

Ice Cream ala mode from my nephew's christening (Bj's Brewery)
me at our table at Bj's
chocolate cupcakes with Choco ganache I made for our church's anniversary
Sibling love
at Bj's Brewery
He loves pizza!
The church we went to at Bel Air was at the top of the hill. I was wearing my Vivienne Westwood shoes. Unfortunately, after the baptism of my nephew, the shuttle buses were gone for the night! I ended up taking my shoes off and walking barefooted from the hill, to the busy street all the way to the parking lot and to our car. The shoes were complete torture! Walking barefooted on the dirty streets felt like heaven! Ah, the price of beauty 'no?
How was your weekend? Please share!

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