Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving Day was awesome! My mom cooked a feast! We had turkey, ribs, beans, potato salad,sweet yams, biscuits, garlic bread, cranberry sauce and we baked cupcakes.

Unfortunately, the memory card got corrupted and these photos were the only ones left.
At least, there was evidence of Mom's first ever turkey.
Then, after dinner, the kids had ice cream! It was very cold but ice cream is perfect for whatever weather, right?
He sure loved it!
Then the whole family played with I-spy books. That was a riot and so much fun.
Then it was Black Friday. And no, I didn't line up for hours like what I did three years ago.
I don't think I ever will again. But I did go around 1 pm the next day. I was a very good girl. I only bought a few things.
Like these santa socks I got for my three girls.
It wasn't on sale but I couldn't pass it up- $5.00 each
Hello kitty dollar items
$1.00 candy gift wrapper, how cute is this!
And I also got a stainless steel Martha Stewart kettle that was originally $69.99 and on sale for $24.99.
Now, we don't have to microwave our hot chocolate or coffee. Awesome!

How was yours? did you line up for Black Friday? how was your Thanksgiving dinner? Please share!

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SugarberrySensations said...

Gosh I LOVE the pictures - even if they are not all there!
Thank You for sharing your Thanksgiving with us!
I'm jealous of your Martha Stewart kettle!

My Thanksgiving was wonderful, having my whole family home! I will never shop Black Friday, but found out that teenagers are WONDERFUL to send to buy items you want - they want to go experience the chaos, so it works out perfectly!