Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Choco dipped marshmallows

I made some chocolate dipped marshmallows at the school's Fall Festival bake sale and for the Halloween party. They were such a big hit. I'd like to share them with you. You can make them any time of the year.

What you need:
White chocolate melts 
Lollipop sticks
Big marshmallows
Sprinkles or sugar crystals
Cooking oil
plastic bags

First, I melted a cup of white chocolate melts in the microwave. Make sure you watch them because they might burn. I only melt them for a few seconds because my microwave is huge so it cooks faster.
A neat trick for melting chocolate... For better consistency, add half a teaspoon (or add until desired consistency is achieved) of vegetable oil and stir, this is perfect for dipping! I didn't know this, so every time I use the chocolate for dipping, the chocolate turns lumpy.

Next, put the stick on the marshmallow and roll the sides on the bowl of chocolate. You can mix in food color too, white or brown is perfectly fine too.
I used peach and blue.

Then, I rolled the marshmallow in a plate of sugar crystals.

which, no matter how pretty it may seem, you shouldn't do.
Look at the first two here
See how I missed some spots? and the one on the right is perfectly coated?
Well I've learned that it's better if you use your fingers to put the sprinkles on, instead of rolling them or dipping them into the sprinkles because if you roll them, the wet chocolate comes off of the marshmallows and you wouldn't want that.

I used mini cupcake liners so they can cool down and harden.

Look how perfect this one was!
I love, love the sugar crystals.I like them more than sprinkles. These are like glitters. The colors are beautiful and they taste so much better than sprinkles.

I made Halloween tags
cut them and punched a hole
I also used black satin ribbons and vintage curling ribbons to tie them.
I made singles for the party and three that were tied together for the bake sale, they looked like a boquet of marshmallow flowers! They were the first ones to go at the sale!
You can also use chopped up graham crackers, heath and other sweets. Decorate them like caramel apples! You can make these with kids too! Enjoy!

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