Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ode to the 80's

Do you love the 80's? Well if you're too young then you missed out big time! The 80's was such a beautiful era! Most of us that experienced that era never wanted to leave those years behind!

I think New Wave music (the music in that era) was bigger in Europe and Asia than it was in the U.S. so maybe most of you have not heard of it before. 

Recently, I met some new people here in L.A. who are die hard fans of the 80's. They host an online radio called THE VAULT. And they play obscure music 24 hours a day. They also host dance concerts in famous landmarks around L.A. I loved the 80's but I think I just fell in love with it a little more.

Here's my 80's inspired photo shoot. I was bored this morning and decided to take photos of myself, yet again.

Have you heard of any 80's music? Which ones do you love? I love way too many bands. I once saw 'THE CURE' live and it was one of the most beautiful concerts I've seen so far.

Which trend did you like or remember? I remember the Aqua net hairspray that we put on our hair. I've lost count of how many cans I've used up when I was in middle school.
I miss the 80's. I wish that time machines existed so I can revisit it whenever I want to.

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