Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello beautiful!

The Vivienne Westwood shoes came a day early! I'm so happy. It smelled like new, it looked like new, no flaws and I'm a happy girl!

Can I keep both?

My kids love it too!

It feels like it's my birthday!

I got a size 5 this time, a size smaller than I normally wear and it fits perfectly! and I am much, much happier with this color than the lilac one.

taken against the mirror. I love the effect.

It reminds me of pink Barbie shoes.
Though the first order was kind of a nightmare, Zappos' customer service lives up to their award winning service. I can't wait to dance around in these shoes! or just stare at them.


Emily said...

Ooh soo cute!

Chickything said...

Thanks they really are! And they smell like candy!