Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello and goodbye

I forgot to tell you that the Vivienne Westwood shoes that I ordered from Zappos already came in the mail last week. So pretty.
But upon closer inspection. There was a crack on the sole and the letter d on the westwood imprint is coming off...

The box also looked so old like the shoes were a return or something. I know I got these shoes on sale but I won't be paying $85 for something that looks like they were second hand.
I'm also a size 6 but these shoes were way too big. So I chatted with Zappos online to arrange an exchange. They were extremely nice! I've decided to get it in size 5 (hopefully it fits) and in my original choice of fuschia with a red heart.
This is going back, bye bye lilac! I will get the new pair tomorrow. Update coming soon.

1 comment:

Erica Leigh said...

eeeee you got the lilac ones too! ahhh i want all the colors now haha. but aren't they the cutest??