Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie Friday

My children and I watched the movie called 'children of invention' the other day. It was quite a sad movie but not really disturbing kind of sad. I think it made my children appreciate that they have a roof over their head and that I'm around to tend for them.
I really liked the movie. Though it may not be for people who does not enjoy indie films. Indie films are slow at times and have weird endings. But I'm used to that, of all the hundreds of indie films I've seen in my life.
I really recommend this because sometimes we overlook the good things we have around us. We take our possessions and loved ones for granted.  Make this a movie to see this weekend. I promise it's not disturbing. It's just so real. It's about life. It's about someone you might even know.

and the trailer:

Have a great weekend!

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