Thursday, August 19, 2010


I wrote my short-term goals today. They aren't big, unachievable goals. They are very easy to do but for some reason I keep putting them off. But now that I've written them down, I'll make sure I get to do everything on the list. Achieve everything, be what I wish to be.

I'd like to share them with you. And I encourage you to make one yourself.

Within 6 months:

Go to San Francisco with family

Go to Portland, Oregon

Sell at craft shows

200 (and up) followers on blog

Successful website

Paint walls of bedroom,Hallway, Studio and Music room

Fix floor

Take more photos of family

Watch less tv

Spend less time online

Go out more, walk with kids, go to the park

Make most of our membership in LACMA, MOCA, NHM etc.




Eat healthier (more fresh, organic foods)

Eat less sweets (uh-oh)

Cook at least one new dish I haven't tried before once a week.

Within a year:
Find the most beautiful wedding dress

Have a beautiful, unique and unforgettable wedding

A smooth sailing successful home based business

Healthy family

Comfortable,cozy & beautiful eclectic home

Healthier, more energized body

Travel more

Learn a new language

Meet new people

More positive outlook in life
Via Arielle

get a bike

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