Friday, August 6, 2010

Movie friday + book too!

 I bought so many books yesterday at Borders and each book costs only $1! My Mr. are crazy about books so we were so happy we ended up having coffee there just in time for the dollar sale. So the whole day I was so busy reading one of the books we've bought. This is perfect for all the housewives out there...
I didn't realize how fortunate I am to be a stay at home mom and to have a mister who works so hard to support us until I read this book. There were times that I felt so trapped and miserable but this book opened my eyes and made me realize how blessed I am to not be working every day in the real world and that I can be with my kids all day, every day. Yes, after 4 kids and years and years of motherhood, it's just now that I've realized that. And I'm sure a lot of housewives out there feel the same way somehow sometimes. If you are one of them then you must read this book and it'll change your life. It did mine and I know these coming days, I will be a better mother, person and wife.

I also watched this movie today...

I don't like action movies so much but this one I really liked. Quite suspenseful, very entertaining. I really loved it from beginning to end.
So I suggest that you put the kids to bed (if you have any) and ask the man in your life to watch it with you. He watches those chick flicks with you so why not watch this with him and I promise you would enjoy it as much as he would.
happy, happy weekend!


Alely L. said...

would love to read that book! i feel the same way...very blessed to have a hard working husband to provide and support the family which allowed me to stay home to be there 24/7 for the kids. now that they are in middle and highschool...i've picked up a part time job whilst they are in school. i'm home when they leave and home when they return from school and off on fridays. it's the best schedule ever.

re: the movie...i'm sure my hubby would love to watch that. i only rent at redbox so i hope they have it. i tried looking for that other movie you recommended on redbox but couldn't find it : (.

have a loveLee weekend!

Chickything said...

Hi Alely! I just finished the book last night and it really is life changing! There are so many things I've realized, so many things that I've taken for granted. It really opened my eyes to many things.

About the movie, we have netflix. It really is worth the $8.95 a month. Lots of movies available thru streaming (thru the computer,wii console or playstation) and 1 dvd at a time that they ship to you and they ship pretty quickly so you can be able to rent a lot of dvd's in a month. Go try it. It's a great bonding time for the family.

PetSugar said...

wow i got your package today and it fit into my jewelry wardrobe so well i can't even tell you how excited i am. i basically needed all those items desperately lol. thank you beyond words. it was so fun to receive. i'm wearing the ring at this very moment and will never ever take it off!!!!! you really didn't have to do such a sweet thing for me but if you ever need anything at all please ask. :)

love petsugar