Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mickey D's

I miss the Philippines. Terribly. One of the many things that I miss there is food being delivered to your door. Almost all restaurants and fast food delivers food to your door which is rarely done here except if it's pizza or Chinese. Even Mcdonald's delivers there. Oh and I miss the slightly different mcdonald's menu. Over there, we have chicken and rice, oh and the mcspaghetti, I sure do miss that!

they deliver the food using motorcycles
the menu

One more thing that I get super excited about when I was a little girl are the Happy meals! They weren't junk toys like those found here in the U.S. I remember the ones that I had were high quality toys, school supplies and other cute stuff like this...

I've heard that for each country, Mcdonald's changes their menu depending on what the people in that country are used to. I think us here in the U.S. have the most boring menu. Here's a peek of what they have that we don't.

And France has a pattiserie, with croissants, desserts  including an array of french macarons!


 I could go on and on and on. How exciting it is to find these things with a touch of the button!
 Oh well, those are what were missing out on. Someday, I will be visiting every Mcdonalds in the world!
Have you had anything from any Mcdonald's outside the U.S.? Please share, I would love to know!


adrien said...

Yeah :) In France we have some macaroons :D And also beer !!
But in my memory, the US mcdonalds is not very different that french macdonalds :)

Alely L. said...

love this! we are big mcd fans! especially the dollar menu. i know pretty boring. i remember having it in the philippines and can only recall that the burgers did not taste the same. however, that was 27 years ago! i haven't been back since and haven't been out of the US to experience any others.

Chickything said...

Hi Adrien. Yes I think all the burgers are pretty much standard in every mcd's. What we have here is available in every mcdonald's worldwide but what others have, we don't. So sad.

Chickything said...

Alely, did you like the burgers there or here better? Honestly, I think that the burgers there (specially the quarter pounder) are much tastier than the burgers here that are quite bland.