Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday thrifting

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I had so much fun thrifting with my mom and sister yesterday.
I had some amazing finds. We went to so many thrift stores. Here are some of my thrifting loot but I have so many that I have not posted yet. I will have to take more pictures as soon as the mama's day is over.

I love this wooden box. It's huge. I don't know what to put in it yet but I know I need it.

I love these bottles and the shabby chic mirror.
And this golden apple. I am loving apples lately, specially if they are jars like this one.
and I just can't leave these cups when I see them! I have so many of these.

and my most favorite find, not exactly in it's perfect state but I still love it.
This sign is so heavy. I am so excited to hang it somewhere in the house. I hope I find the perfect spot. I ended up taking off the letters PRK. Now there's a big empty spot on the center. Any ideas on what to put there?

Have a great Mother's Day weekend everyone! and to me :)

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