Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank God for sisters!

My older sister just came from the Philippines last night! I have not seen her for more than 2 years. She loves clothes and shoes so much and as a result of that fact, I got to have some of her stuff.
I am not really into mainstream fashion but I love weird looking things and of course she knows me too well. Look at the stuff she bought me and things she had that she knew I would love...

This metal bangle and this necklace with the most unusual pendant I have ever seen in my life! I love, love how beautiful this pendant is and that the clothes have bows on them! And the pendant is huge too! I love it!

And maybe you know by now how much I love odd looking shoes... So this one is just perfect!
Look how beautiful! It's a work of art!

I can't stop staring at them. I just love the design of it and it fits perfectly.
I am not easily pleased when it comes to shoes. I have very few pairs. But this one just takes my breath away.

Here's some of my loot. Thanks to my sister who knows me too well.


Erica Leigh said...

oh wow! you're so lucky to have an awesome sister. those shoes are crazy amazing! and the pendant is so cool. i love weird things too.

i should ask my cousins/relatives to send me stuff like that from the PI! all i ever get is shell jewelry lol.


Chickything said...

That's so funny Erica! They have very cool things other than shell,silver,weaving haha (not that they're bad, they are amazing, just not my style right now).

Being so close to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea, their fashion sense are greatly influenced by these fashion forward countries. And they also import stuff from there so shopping is great! The biggest mall in Asia is located in Manila. So that means something right?

Have you ever been there?

Anonymous said...

Amazing shoes!!!

Chickything said...

Hi Adeline! Thanks! I love it too. Welcome to my blog!