Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don't ever lose your muchness!

I am so busy preparing for the big tea party on the 24th. I just finished making the invitations this morning.
Do you like it? I'm sorry I had to block the address and phone number, I know it's a bit distracting. I would invite you all if my house is big enough. Well, maybe next time.

I would only be printing a few because I feel bad when things like these just gets thrown out. Sending the image through an email is more ideal and more eco friendly, not to mention the colors are more vibrant than the printed ones.

I am still working on the menu. I'm planning on serving french macarons, mini carrot cake squares (the eat me cake in the Tim Burton film looked like those square carrot cakes that are found in grocery stores), iced tea in tea cups (weather is too warm for hot tea), tea sandwiches and more. I will definitely take photos as I go along with the preparations and of course the actual big day!


Erica Leigh said...

your tea party sounds amazing! i'm sure you're really excited. i would love to throw one too sometime (when i live on my own and hopefully have a job and stuff).

you put a lot of hard work into the invitations & menu--it really shows.


Chickything said...

I enjoy doing theme parties. My friends always tell me to do it for a living instead.

I always try to find something to celebrate. But when it's clean up time, I always tell myself it'll be the last party I'll ever do, then my mind changes as days go by and I find myself excited again for the next one.

Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it a lot.