Monday, March 1, 2010

Alice premiere!

I thought this month will never come! I've waited for 2 years! yes 2 years! Since I've heard that Tim Burton was doing Alice in Wonderland the movie! And now it's only 6 days away!

I am so excited! And we are watching it at the El Capitan theater! This theater is in Hollywood and it's by Disney. The whole theater will be decorated in all Alice! How awesome! We got VIP tickets for the midnight screening. I have never been to a premiere and I've always thought that it was kind of cheesy and pointless to go too early (or late for that matter) with people wearing costumes and all but this is a different story. This is Alice in Wonderland!

Where else can you find a theater with live Disney performances before the movie? And a decorated themed interior? Plus collectible popcorn tubs and an awesome soda fountain next to the theater?
Only in Hollywood I guess. And for that, I love where I live!

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