Friday, February 26, 2010

Paris by car

Who needs to go fly all the way to Laduree to have a taste of good ole Paris when there is Bottega Louie in downtown Los Angeles?

You must have heard of this place already but I don't know where I've been because I just heard about it the other day and I needed to check it out asap!

So after our family visit to MOCA (museum of contemporary art) we decided to go and check it out.

The place is huge! 10,000 square feet in all! With super high ceiling!
It has a small market, Patisserie and restaurant.

image source
It was awesome, we had dinner there and these are what we ordered.

Pork chops with apple sauce
Fettucine alfredo
Bianca pizza (2)
Pepperoni pizza
Portobello mushroom fries (2 orders)

Let me just say that the Portobello mushroom fries is to die for that I still have dreams about it! And the Bianca pizza as well. All the rest were not as good so don't even bother to get those. The pizza dough is hand tossed and you can watch them while they make it.

And of course, for the best part!!!
Do you think I would leave the place and not go home with my long time obsession that is---French Macarons!?!

Yes, my pretties they do have this little divine thingies! And they are awesome!
Exactly what I thought they would be. Only they are way too small and way too expensive! But you know it's worth every penny if it would make you jump up and down with glee!

So I bought a dozen macarons, 2 of each flavor


and one
lemon cupcake and
chocolate cupcake

My favorite was the mint and coconut. The coconut was also thicker than the rest.
Don't get the cupcakes, they are very small and very dry but the frosting is divine. The packaging also is super pretty.

One mini cupcake- $2.50
the macarons cost $21 a box or $1.97 for one piece.
Not bad but if you compare it with the ones you can get from Trader Joe's which is 40cents a piece then it just sounds crazy.

But... I still love it and I know you would so go there now and let me know what you think okay? I would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Oh I know these awesome pictures will make you drop everything and run over there now!

image source

They looked so huge here but we were quite disappointed to see how tiny they were!

And look at this Laduree macaron replica from the infamous Marie Antoinette film?
I think this costs $8 each.

I love these coconut macarons!

Oh and the box is just beautiful! I got a green one and it's just as pretty. No bows though. I should have asked, I deserve a dose of pretty.

Their packaging is truly awesome, from the little details like these super tiny stickers with their logo on it and their tissue paper amongst other things. I appeciate that this company is into details like these. It's just awesome!
The only thing I didn't like was that it's sooo loud. You can barely hear the person you're talking to because the place sounded like a market due to the high ceilings. It sounded like everyone was talking on a megaphone! It was crazy. The place looked so romantic but It didn't FEEL romantic.

Here are some more photos I took at home. My son loved it so much he kept going through the box and getting them!

caught red handed!
Look at how he is looking at me. Of course, I had to give in. His happiness is more important than mine.
I love my new fisheye lens! Isn't it cool? It made my dslr work like a toy camera!

Did you like this post? Hah, all the macaron love. I wonder when I will ever get over this long time obsession.
Have a happy weekend!


PetSugar said...

lol i love the obsession and wow do i understanddddd. i put up a working youtube link to that kristen dunst video! you might want to see it before that too gets taken down lol. also i haven't forgotten my favorite space! i'll most likely have it all finished by next week :)

Chickything said...

Thanks for uploading the video, I'll check it right now.
And I'll wait for that favorite space of yours! So excited! Thanks!

Erica Leigh said...

oh my! i've never tried a macaron & have never been to this place!! now i feel like i HAVE to go (i live in santa clarita). thanks so much for sharing!! i'm definitely making my friends go with me to check this place out. <3

Chickything said...

You should go to Trader Joe's! They have amazing macarons for so much less. And they are yummy too!

You live in Sta. Clarita! The last time I was there was for a KSM concert, lol. That was a long drive!

Erica Leigh said...

haha, oh really? :D and ohh i'll look for the macarons at trader joe's next time! sounds yummy!

Folshunna said...

ah i am obssessed with macaroons as well. i've only tried them once from this pizza place at universal city walk. they were okay but im not sure if they were authentic or not. id LOVE to go to this place, im thinking of going today not sure.