Friday, February 5, 2010

About me

Hi my name is Nina (Ninjah to my friends) blogger, creator/owner/designer of Chickything, artist, occasional indie rock concert producer/promoter, vintage hunter/buyer/seller, housewife and mom to 4 kids.

whew! that took a while!

I live with my family in a house located in a quiet neighborhood 5 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.

I started creating when I was a very small child. Art has always been a part of my family while growing up. My dad was an artist turned business man, I am pretty sure he was solely to blame for everything that I have become.

I do so many things, sometimes It's a bit overwheming but I can't imagine doing only one thing my whole life.

I love pink as much as I love black. Half of me loves pink, cute, frilly, pretty things and the other half loves dark, black and gothic boudoir.
I've always believed there are twins that are so opposite living inside of me. And I try to nurture both.

My dream is to some day have my own shop here in L.A. and fill it with everything I love. I also dream to be an avante-garde fashion designer as well as a world famous painter. I believe I will be all that and then some.

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