Friday, January 8, 2010

Bathroom Love

I was cleaning our bathroom in the master's bedroom and decided to tear it apart. Yes. I took down the humongous mirror/medicine cabinet that was literally falling apart with the help of my kids!
Took this antique ornate mirror from my living room which totally changed the look of my living room so I have to get a replacement asap! ( I hope to find something as beautiful)

So Anyways, I threw 80% of our lotions,cosmetics and other stuff specially those that were from eons ago. Which was good because there was really no space for them anymore.

So I went minimalist/ gothic victorian. And it turned out pretty... well... pretty.
Don't you think so? Hubby loved it. That's all that matters.

I will take more photos next time.Promise.


My Owl Barn said...

That mirror is gorgeous! I also love the heart shaped soap.

Chickything said...