Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Down pink memory lane

Last night was Molly Ringwald night. I miss her movies with innocent love, awesome soundtrack and lots of pink!

When I watch "Sixteen Candles" and "Pretty In Pink", I still giggle like a high school girl and fall in love all over again with Jake Ryan or Blane.Oh how I miss high school. Things were different then and high school life is way different now. I am so glad I had to live it years ago and not at the present time.

I miss young love. When everything that happens in your life deserves a theme song. I love timeless 80's music that I never, ever get tired of. Those music is truly a time machine. It brings you back to that very special place in your heart, that you love visiting every now and then.
Sometimes, I want to get lost in it.


Metalsgirl said...

OH! That picture of Jake Ryan in front of his car - I took that very picture of my tv having paused the movie! I was obsessed with him. I hear he's making furniture now...

Chickything said...

I used to do that with Jordan Catalano and used his photo as my cell phone wallpaper haha!

Thanks for the update about him! He was dreamy!