Friday, December 18, 2009

Movies to see...Again and again.

I love watching movies. And I love watching Christmas movies. It just gives you a happy feeling inside and you feel good all day.

Well, here are some of my favorite Christmas themed movies that you may have already seen, but why not see it again? You know you love to, just like I do!

The Holiday! I love, love this movie. I love Kate Winslet and Jude Law,(no matter the bad rep)is to die for!

Love Actually... A classic! I never get tired watching this movie I watch it so many times a year...Christmas or not.

And who didn't fall in love with Elf? We all did right? And it's great to watch with the kiddies.
And yes how we love Zooey in any movie!
And last but not the least. A friend recommended this movie and I am watching it right now as I type this. I have no idea when it was released but how cute this movie is! I love it!
It's called "Yes, Virginia" and it's about a little girl's search for the truth about Santa Clause.
Happy watching!

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