Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Julie & Julia in me..

While I was watching Julie & Julia today, I kind of saw my life unfold right before my eyes. I think most of us who have a passion for what we do can totally relate to how Julie & Julia were towards what they love to do. We feel such enthusiasm with what we do that sometimes nothing else matters but getting what we want done...And dreams fulfilled because that seems to be the only purpose of our existence.
I wish I knew what I want to do, just like Julie & Julia but I sort of have a different story because I can do so many things that I can't seem to choose just one. And stick to it and make it work. At 32 years old, I still have not figured out what I want to do in my life. Isn't that odd? It saddens me and yet it excites me because it is a journey. I know eventually I will find that one thing that gives me the most joy and satisfaction. And somehow, I feel like I am closer than I think. And somehow that calms me.... A little bit.

I convince myself every now and then that I am not crazy to think that I am destined for big things. We should always, always dream big or we'll never get anywhere. I have wasted too many opportunities in life and I wish I hadn't but I do believe in second chances.. And third and fourth... On many chances.. Unlimited chances. As long as we are breathing... there are no limits to what we can do or the opportunities that may come our way. I should always remember that.

I am doing this blog because somehow I will get to know myself this way. By reading what I write as if I wasn't the one who wrote it. And seeing my life from afar and learning to appreciate everything that I have. And I am also hoping that I will learn to love myself this way. I am also hoping that when I finally understand who I really am that I would figure out just what makes me truly and absolutely happy. And if I do, life will be so much simpler, so much better.

I envy everyone who has figured out their life and have decided to do one thing and make a living doing what they love to do. That is a slice of heaven right there. You wake up in the morning, you do what you love, you sleep with a smile. Oh, how I would love that! I wish someday I can be that. But for now, I'll do this . I hope and dream to know the real me.

I hope someday to not be called a "Jane of all trades" anymore but instead just be called, simply... "Jane".

Just like Julia

just like Julie

Have a Happy weekend!


Natty said...

I feel the same as you, there are so many of us out there not sure what to do with our lives...but I also think we're the lucky ones who haven't built a wall blocking us from exploring further.

Good Luck!

Mónica said...

Hi Jane!
I love your words.
Seems like you are on the right path.
You just have to embrace your uniqueness. Believe!
Thank you for sharing.

Chickything said...

Natty, you are absolutely right.A part of me is happy that I have a lot of things to expect rather than getting stuck with one career all my life.

Hi Monica! Thanks for reading my blog and for your lovely compliment. :)