Friday, May 13, 2011

What is not to love?

Thanks Anthropologie for making me want to paint my house white that I get sleepless nights. You make houses so beautiful, it makes my heart ache. So sweet, it gives me toothache.Your luxe quilts are so gorgeous it makes me want to spend my entire life savings on them. Because they are so expensive and dry cleaning them once in two months is no joke! . And yet I want another one, or two, and more! Goose down feather comforters doesn't look as sweet. Thanks for stealing it's magic!

I want your rusty iron bed frames. Other beds are just not the same. How could you make rusty bed frames and unmade beds look so chic? Not to mention peeling paint on walls, scary halls, old bathrooms,mismatched mugs and unfinished floors. How could you make disorganization look so organized anyway? And why is that when my house is disorganized, it does not look as fly? Oh Anthropologie, why do you do this to me???

* Do you also feel this way? Damn I do everyday!

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