Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Birthday part 3

This is my favorite restaurant, Bottega Louie in downtown L.A.! I've heard that this is the third best restaurant in the entire United States and the number one in the whole of Los Angeles. It's so beautiful inside like your in a restaurant in France. It reminds me of Laduree. Specially the stacks and stacks of pretty pastry boxes and the macaron towers. The only complaint I have of the place is it that it's soooo loud inside  (I blame the super high ceilings but eventually you get used to it and then your ears adjust and then you eventually hear the person you're talking to).
So pretty 'no?

They call this a library of fine chocolates

He's preparing my order
* All photos were taken by me kindly link to my blog if you are going to use any of the images.

I got a box of a dozen macarons but sadly, inside the box there were only 11!!! Ugh. And I also got a dozen of those super pretty cupcakes! Photos coming soon!

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aiz kim said...

what a lovely resto. I hope one would open something like this here in Baguio....belated happy birthday by the way!