Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lesson Learned

If you are planning to have a brunch birthday party, I want to share to you things that I've learned.

1. Do everything ahead of time.
 I made a mistake of cooking the pancakes and the meat/rice/egg breakfast meal just three hours before the party. I could have made them the night before and it wouldn't have made a difference because guests could always reheat it at the day of the event. I was rushing all morning and I was still cooking when the guests were coming in.

2. It's better to make more, instead of less. Don't be afraid to make too much of everything because you can always eat them after the party. Don't be afraid to make too many pancakes because you can always freeze them and reheat them long after the party's over. Don't be afraid to buy lots of juices and cereal because these are part of your everyday breakfast. That's the good thing about having a brunch party. Nothing will go to waste.

3. Ask friends to help out. I did everything by myself. My friend helped out a few hours before the party started but she had to leave so I was left to cook, entertain, take photos, do refills, babysit, and everything else that had to be done. I fell ill before the party was over because of exhaustion. Don't be afraid to ask friends and family to help out. You'll be surprised how much they want to help out.

4. Cut the cake before the party begins. Usually the blowing of candles and the cutting of the cake is done at the last minute. If you do it before the party begins, everyone would still be in high spirits, eager to begin to party and it's your only chance to get everyone in the photo.

5. Why I used boxes instead of plates.
If I used plates, there was no way to stack them. The boxes were the perfect solution. Specially that there are a lot of insects in the spring and summer season and the boxes protected the food from the pests. I also bought $1 bowls for the cereal instead of using disposable ones. A lot kinder to the environment. I also did not use disposable cups but instead, I used glass bottles that I already had at home and filled them with different kinds of juices.

6.Don't be shy to ask family and friends to bring some dessert or other things that can be enjoyed for brunch. Like bananas and other fruits, breakfast muffins, or any specialty that they may have. The more food the better and less work for you. Ask them ahead of time if they are willing to bring something. Don't be shy, people are more than willing to share their family specialties.

7.Specify the time. Let them know when it begins and when it ends. I did that and people made other plans after the brunch which is good because you can have the rest of the day off.

8.Send thank you cards or better yet thank you emails.I never do that. I should though. And better yet ask the birthday celebrant to do it herself. It's more personal and thoughtful. She/he should mention what gift they got from the person they are writing to and thank them for it and for coming over.

9.Don't forget the music. Always play some music. There's nothing worse than a party without it.

10.Have fun. Have fun preparing, have fun entertaining, have fun cleaning up. That's what parties should be about. Good times with people you care about.

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aiz kim said...

i totally understand how much effort you put into making this party a success...judging by these beautiful photos, it was a heck of a party!!! Everything is just lovely! Belated happy mom's day by the way! You're probably one of the most amazing moms i know!!!