Friday, April 8, 2011

a ride on the time machine

Yesterday, my mister said that he was meeting up an old friend and his wife. I was asked to come along and to my surprise, they live in the same neighborhood that I lived in when I was still a single mother. It was surreal seeing that same neighborhood again after so many years. It was bittersweet. Memories came rushing back in and I was just in awe seeing all the wonderful changes that happened there. When I lived there it was already an up and coming neighborhood, it's in Korea Town, located in downtown Los Angeles. There were chic coffee shops and boutiques near my apartment already but yesterday, I was just shocked to see a huge upscale mall there, hundreds of shops and cafes, a boutique hotel and tons of restaurants! Wow, it was like going back to the past and stepping into the future all at the same time, if you get what I mean. I snapped a few photos just to share it with all of you...

 The tall, old brick building used to be my apartment. Back then, you would always find me, alone on the rooftop. I never expected that time will come that I would miss the spooky basement, the eerie hallways that seemed like it came out straight from a classic horror film and the antique elevator that you open and close yourself and would sometimes stop midway! (that was very scary when I get stuck inside it at wee hours of the morning) I should have taken many photos but didn't, not even a single one but every corner of this building would always stay vivid in my mind.
 This building lit up at night and this was my view from my fourth floor unit . This was what I stared at many nights as I doze off to sleep.
I was very surprised to see this. This used to be a motel. I stayed here for one week while I was looking for an apartment in the neighborhood. It's now a hip boutique hotel called SHELTER HOTEL (I just love the name!). Isn't it pretty?

It's amazing how life changes when you choose to. You will be amazed if I tell you my life story but I won't. At least, not for now. Who knows? Someday I just might. It's nice to go back and see where I came from and it made me smile to be able to relive the journey of where I've been, where I am now and where I am heading. Things are really looking mighty bright.
Photos of our dinner will be posted tomorrow.

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