Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gourmet Food Truck Party!

There are a ton of Gourmet food trucks in L.A. but we just got to try some of them today. We were a bit surprised of how expensive the food were, well, it is after all, gourmet so it's like eating at a fancy restaurant but while standing! It was a nice experience though and it was nice to see a lot of hip people gathered in one place. It reminded me of an outdoor music festival minus the music.

A gourmet truck for dogs, phydough as in 'fido'!
Vizzi, upscale catering.
I love the cheeseburger dumplings from the DIM SUM truck

Tapa Boy, Filipino Gourmet truck
I love the Lavender Milk tea! 
DIM SUM truck, Top left:cheeseburger dumplings, egg tart, and pork baked buns (total:$14)
The kids wanted cheeseburgers but one burger costs a whopping $8! So we left and went to our favorite burger place... IN AND OUT! one hamburger $1.59 each

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