Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let us all show we care, shall we?

I find it surprising how famous bloggers can keep quiet and not even mention what happened to Japan. These bloggers are so powerful and imagine how many people they can inspire or influence to help out. I wish I was a famous blogger, I wish I was a gazillionare, I wish I was somebody so I can do something big to help out over there.I wish I can go there, If I could, I would. It is heartbreaking that I can only sit here, watch and pray. I wish I can do more. I wish that people who can do something would step out of their comfort zone and try to make a change in someone's life there. I know some people might not like what I'm writing here but I can't just keep quiet about it anymore. How can some people still go out and buy expensive purses...that purse would have fed so many people in disaster stricken or third world countries, how can some people party, get drunk or complain about the smallest of things when people are grieving about their families that have died or what they would eat and the fact that the ground they are standing on would not stop shaking. If you care and you are not this kind of person, thank you so much. 
I saw this ad on Our City Lights (she has such a good heart,thanks for bloggers like her), please donate if you can, you don't have to give if you can't afford to but if you really want to, you can sacrifice one starbucks drink and donate the money instead, skip a club visit or anything that you can sacrifice if you don't have money to shell out.

I apologize if I am a bit emotional when it comes to this issue. I was once in their position when the big earthquake struck the city where I lived, back in the Philippines. And I saw first hand how these people are going through right now, only what they have gone through (and still going through)  is 10 times worse than what happened to us.

Please check out this site to know how you can help out in Japan. And for all the bloggers that want to help out, please try to raise awareness to your readers and invite them to help out, every dollar counts, every single prayer matters. Tomorrow is blogger silence day for Japan. I will not be posting here to pay my respect for everyone affected by the disaster. If you care, please do the same.


Nicolette Blount said...

I will join in the silence. I want to add this on my blog...but I can not say it any better than you already you mind if I cut and paste what you wrote to my blog...I will give a link to your blog and write that you wrote it. Thank you so much for sharing this. It breaks my heart too.

Nicolette Blount said...

I didn't end up cutting and pasting...just directed them to your page was thinking that may be like plagiarizing. I don't want to do that. :) Check it out
My silence begins in 1 hour and 11 minutes so i better catch up on my blogs. :)