Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beauty in Madness

Here are photos I took yesterday from the backseat of the car around Los Angeles. Taking photos of what most may not like was not at all intentional.

L.A. is very diverse. Chaotic most of the time but do not judge the people by what you see around. People from Los Angeles are one of the most loving and respectful people in the U.S. Bring a Los Angeleno in say, New York, and he might curl up and cry at night.
I would.

This is L.A. Not the glam parts but I still love it.

I love taking photos of buildings. When I am in downtown L.A., I am like a child who is always looking up. (Why is that when we get older we rarely look up anymore?)I stare at the old buildings like I have never set foot in the city before. I took up Architecture in College and even before that I have always been fond of buildings. It is art and I can't wait to see more of it around the world someday.
Big fire in downtown, I hope no one's hurt
It is not L.A. without the extensive graffiti. It is probably the only form of art I do not enjoy. Well unless it's poetry, a political remark or a mural but there is art and there is tagging and those two are very different things.
I hope you enjoyed my photographs as much as I've enjoyed taking them.

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