Friday, February 18, 2011


It's freezing in L.A. and rain is expected to pour for one whole week or so. Now, I got the sniffles, not to mention 4 wisdom teeth trying it's very best to drive me insane. (dreading that oral surgeon visit one of these days).
This means, lots of comfort food, hot tea and why not throw in fresh coconut water on the liquid menu which is not only healthy but feels like I'm on some tropical island vacation.
I drank this a lot when I was a kid. Growing up in a tropical country, these coconuts were being sold on the side of the streets. The vendor opens it in front of you and sticks a straw just like what I did on this one. This brings me back to my childhood, I think I'll feel better in no time.
I hope.


aiz kim said...

be well darling! It's such a bummer getting the sniffles. i love coco juice/water too!

Chickything said...

Thanks for the well wishes! And for always dropping by my blog. :)

ALELY said...

my youngest had the flu bug this week. it was bad. she's on her way to recovery. i hope by now you are up and feeling better!

Chickything said...

Thanks Alely!