Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Little Nook

I have a new work space and I love it. I got this secretary desk for only $6. There were no legs so I took our coffee table apart (which drove my mom nuts) and took the legs and drilled them to it.

I know it's kind of a mess but the good thing is, I can just close the door and hide all the mess. (more photos coming soon) and it has a very old skeleton key to lock all the secrets in.

I love my vintage suitcases. I use them for storage. I can't seem to have enough.
 I wonder what places they have traveled to.

 This owl used to be dark green, I spray painted it gold. I love how it turned out. This owl is so heavy and very old. I love how it seems to stare at me while I work. I think he loves his new look too.

The vintage apple jar filled with vintage buttons was used for the Alice in wonderland birthday party of my twin daughters last year.

This black house wall cabinet used to be white. It's empty right now, I still have to find more magical things to put inside it. Any suggestions?

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