Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Around the House

Random photos I took today of the things around me.

I put this string because I'm too short and I had to go on the coffee table to turn the lights off and on
Happy Boy
Recent vintage find

Lunch today
We may not have a perfect house, like those that seem like it popped out from the pages of interior design magazines. Our house may be messy most of the time, we have clutter and oh all the dust!
 but boy am I glad that we have a roof over our heads. 
I am thankful everyday.


deannaburasco said...

Absolutely love that plank ceiling! Thanks for sharing, your house looks lovely and inviting!

Chickything said...

The ceiling makes it feel like a cabin. Thanks so much, I'm glad you loved this post. :)

Fatine said...

You have a very lovely house. I'd love to live in it.

Moe said...

These images are gorgeous! your house looks so warm. I love the mix-match & how everything just flows together!

soulmate said...

Your house is sooo amazing! You are such an artist. :)