Thursday, December 9, 2010

The perfect compromise

What is this? This is the best invention of the year (not the ipad as you may have thought) It's called Google Tv. Internet on tv! You can surf the net and watch tv simultaneously in one screen!My toddler don't mind watching on a little screen as I surf blogs. I can also control my DVR by using the keyboard or watch Netflix. Awesome, awesome! I can listen to grooveshark while I cook, surf websites on the big screen while I boil water. It's the perfect gadget for moms and bloggers.

My husband being a computer programmer got this for free at a conference (and a droid phone too) but you can get your own google tv for only $299. Not bad right? This is the computer of the future! Why do we need monitors anyway if we already have a flat screen tv?
Get yours here. I know you want it. And no, they didn't pay me, I just love ours that much.

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