Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On a Serious Note...

Making these paper snowflakes were so therapeutic. It actually made me feel better about everything in life. Things were not so rosy lately. I'm going through some things that I wish I wasn't, specially on this Holiday season. Heartbreaking, really. I have no words for it.

Seeing the house so cheery like this, it makes me smile and it gives me hope, that somewhere down the road, things will be better for me.

There are things in life that we have no control of and this is one of them.
It is indeed a sad Christmas for me but it only makes me look forward to the next Christmas because I know it will be so much better than this one.

Eventually, I will have to accept things as they happen but I'm really glad for this blog, I can run away, even just for a minute...And breathe.

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