Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Saturday

Yesterday was awesome. I had so much fun thrifting with mom, her best friend, my sister and niece. I had great, great finds! Here are some of them.
Just a few of the many things I found
I was so eager to hang the Ice cream sign up. Here's how it looks like now.
and the key holder
and the most exciting find of the day is this...
A Jonathan Adler mug!
Who can afford to throw this beautiful thing away! This is a $24 cup that I got for only .95 cents.
It's so beautiful I can't even drink from it. I'll use it as a pen holder in my studio instead.
 See you Tomorrow!


George said...

Just Returned From A Day Of Thrifting, Though I Did Not Return With The Same Level Of Booty As You! I Love It All, Specially The Mug.

I Like Your Blog And Shop. Your Blop!

Peace, Love and Puppies,

Fritzi Marie said...

Wow! You scored. I can't believe that you found the Jonathan Adler mug. So cool!

Wishing you love,
Fritzi Marie

Chickything said...

You're hilarious George!
Hi Fritzi, yes I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I almost bought one the week before for it's regular price.
I thought I was dreaming. Thanks for visiting my blog guys!