Monday, December 13, 2010

Hair Story and What She Wore

We colored our hair this weekend. Mine has streaks of magenta and all my girls have bleached edges/tips. My other daughter couldn't decide which color to do so she has bleached and a little magenta. I really liked how it looks like so I might do it on my hair too.
This is what she wore to school. I don't choose clothes for my kids anymore but I have for many years. Of all my kids, she is the most unafraid of taking risks when it comes to clothes. She would wear anything, even clashing prints.
On her: (twin #1)
Striped leggings:hot topic
Skirt:hand me down from me

How it looks like on the back. They have perfect black hair, so coloring only the edges would not damage their hair and we could just cut it off if they get tired of it.

What we used. We bought it from a beauty supply store. Please ask a professional before doing this to your hair.

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